This section includes information and resources for WFNS writers who participate in WITS. If you are not already a WITS author, but would like information on eligibility for participation, please contact our office at 902-423-8116 or

If you are a principal, teacher, librarian or other school representative and would like to get your school involved with Writers in the Schools, please click HERE to find out how WITS works.

Participating WITS writers: By being specific about what each of you does in the schools, it’s possible for us simply to take the bookings from the teachers, confirm your availability and provide the schools with your contact information. WFNS will ask the teachers to be in touch with you directly to confirm specific details of date, time, number of students, special considerations and directions to the schools. If you have not heard from each school within one month, please let us know.

We will also provide each of you with a list of all of your school visits this year. We’ll indicate school, contact info for the teacher/librarian, address, phone, e-mail and whether it is a full or half day booking. Keep this info handy for when the school calls so that you can keep all of the details of your visits in one place.

Remember, when it’s a full day booking, the school is required to provide you with a lunch. In the interests of your taste-buds and any food restrictions you may have, we suggest that you discuss this lunch with your contact teacher in advance of the visit. If you’d like to be greeted with a cup of tea or coffee, why not discuss this with the teacher as well?

Those of you who have participated in the WITS program before know that the number of bookings you get can ebb and flow from year to year. You may be be booked to the max one year and receive no bookings the following year. The past 25 years of WITS programming has shown that there is a markedly greater demand for P-9 bookings than there is at the high school level. With this in mind we are developing a plan within the WITS program that targets high schools specifically to encourage their increased participation.

It's a good idea to call the school again about a week before your scheduled visit. Because the teachers are emailing in the Fall to book WITS visits for the whole year, it's easy to grow hazy on the details. Always confirm the date, time, class size, your lunch requirements, etc. Ask that someone be there to meet you on arrival and to show you around the school.

One last observation: you are not a teacher; you are a writer. If you encounter a difficulty in the school that isn't graciously solvable, call your backup team - the WFNS office.

Don't forget to send us your statement. Do not accept payment from the school. We'll provide you with statement forms (see below). We process invoices every second Thursday but we can't pay you until we receive the statement.

WITS is very near and dear to our hearts and we're thrilled that you're participating this year. If you have questions, if there are changes to bookings, if you need advice — talk to the Federation: / 423-8116

Writer Statement (invoice): PDF (If you are not able to open or print this file, please contact the office and we will send a form to you).