ATTENTION SCHOOLS: Requests for the 2017-18 school year will be accepted September 4th – September 8th (inclusive).

We will continue to accept bookings throughout the school so long as funding allows.

Please submit your request using our online booking system.

The current roster of WITS writers can be viewed by clicking here. WITS writers are now listed under the grades they are willing to visit. This change was made to facilitate author selection.

Using the online booking system

Step 1: All the writers are conveniently categorized under the grade levels they are interested in visiting. Please read the profiles carefully as the writers and illustrators have different program plans to cover a wide variety of topics and interests.

Step 2: To request a writer, please clink of the "Request this Author" button found at the bottom of each profile. After each selection, the requested writers will appear in the shopping cart located on the on the upper left-hand side of the webpage.

Step 3: After you have finished making your selections, return to your shopping cart and click on "Check Out". You will be taken the WITS application form.

Step 4: Complete your request by filling in the school contact information, the details of the author visit, and by agreeing to the terms of the program. Confirmation will appear on your screen after your request has successfully been submitted.

Please note! There have been significant changes made to the WITS application form. Please take the time to fill in all the information carefully. This information allows us to process applications in a timely manner, and will help with the issuing of prompt invoices.

Remember: There is a cost to the school. Each school must pay a portion of the writer’s visit fees to WFNS: $150 for a full day booking; $75 for a half day booking. With financial assistance from the Department of Education and Arts Nova Scotia, WFNS pays the remaining amount of the session fee and all of the writer’s mileage.

Important Information

  • A formal confirmation of approved WITS funding will be sent out within 3-4 weeks of the receipt of your request.
  • Confirmation of approved WITS visits will include a list of the writers approved for visits at your school, contact information for each writer, the details of the agreement, and an estimate of the costs for your visits. Please Note: the estimate is not an invoice.
  • All invoices will be issued via email, and may be paid upon receipt or within 2 weeks of the writer’s visit. To request hard copies of invoices by mail or fax, please contact Linda at:
  • Bookings do not occur on a first come, first serve basis. We try our best to ensure all participating schools get their top choice of author.
  • You must contact the writer(s) within one month to discuss the specifics of your booking, regardless of whether the visit is happening immediately or next May.
  • Please do not book more writers than you are able to accommodate into your school programming year.
  • Each session is approximately 45-55 minutes in length. A full day WITS visit includes 4 sessions and a half day WITS visit includes 2 sessions.
  • Talk to your visiting writer well in advance of the scheduled visit to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. 
  • To avoid confusion, one teacher or school representative should make all WITS bookings per school. 
  • Schools are responsible for providing lunch during full day visits. Accommodation may be required depending on the distance traveled by the writer. 
  • When a writer has reached their maximum number of bookings (eight full days), you may still book the writer; however, you must do so independently and make arrangements to provide the writer their full fee and travel expenses.

Important! Schools with outstanding fees from last year may will not be able to participate in the WITS program for the current school year until all outstanding fees have been paid. Schools that have cancelled past bookings without good reason or without notifying WFNS may not be able to use this program.