3.1   Assessment of all eligible submissions to Nova Writes will be conducted by readers and judges recruited by WFNS for their professional expertise as writers, editors, booksellers, librarians, and teachers. They are carefully selected to provide a balance of literary skills and experience appropriate for each prize category.  

3.2   The adjudication and notification process for eligible submissions to Nova Writes is as follows:

  • a.    Assessment by reading teams recruited for each prize category to produce a shortlist of entries in April.
  • b.   Written notification of shortlist status will be sent to all entrants in early May.
  • c.   Comments are returned and winners are notified mid-May. 

Please DO NOT call or e-mail the WFNS office about Nova Writes results or the status of your comments or the results of the competition.  

  • Assessment of each prize category shortlist by a judge to determine the winner for each prize category and, if appropriate, honourable mentions in early May.
  • WFNS will notify all shortlisted writers as to whether or not they are category winners in early May. (Note: the list of winners is embargoed information until June 2018.) 
  • Public announcement of category shortlists on the WFNS website in May.   
  • Presentation of prizes in each category, along with a reading by the winner in each category, at The Celebration of Emerging Writers in early June 2018. This will be the first public announcement of the category winners. 
  • Announcement of Nova Writes winners on the WFNS website following The Celebration of Emerging Writers.




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