• Biography

    Valerie Compton is the author of the novel Tide Road, a finalist for the 2012 Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award. Her short fiction has been published in literary journals across Canada and shortlisted for the CBC Literary Award. Her non-fiction articles and book reviews have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Gourmet and elsewhere. Valerie has been leading writing workshops and mentoring writers since 2005. Visit her at http://www.narrativeagency.ca

    • Tide Road: a novel. Goose Lane Editions (2011). ISBN: 9780864926357

    • "Finding Home." The New Quarterly, 2005.

    • "Brighid." echolocation, 2005.

    • "Pippy's Bitter." The Antigonish Review, 2004.

    • "Sound Advice." The Dalhousie Review, 2003.

    • "Words from a Book." The Malahat Review, 2002.

    • "Natural Leavening." Grain, 2001.

    • "Lolly." Riddle Fence. 2010.

    • "The Subversives." Riptides: New Island Fiction, 2012.

    • "Godwit." The New Quarterly / Arc Poetry Magazine, 2011.

    • "Crane." Room Magazine. 2011. 

    • Nominated for the Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award for Tide Road, 2012.

    • Shortlist for "Lolly." CBC Literary Awards. 2004.