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    A new season just beginning! Definitely time to upgrade my bio; even though some things never change life's experience continually morphs and expands. Have to love that :-)

    Part of me is still the kid from Manchester, England, who always wanted to be a writer, a painter and a farmer, living by the ocean, and much to my amazement, here I am, living my dream on a small island just east of Halifax. Of course I'm greatly influenced by the coastal environment and references to this locale have a way of sneaking into most of my work. I love my reality but I usually can't resist adding a twist or two of magic to my work, especially my favorite genres of poetry, adult short fiction and childrens fiction.  

    As an illustrator and writer, I like to combine both these forms of expression, especially in my books for children. Recently, however the denizens of QuackaDoodle Farm, who take up a fair amount of my attention, have been demanding their space on the page and this has resulted in, Permaculture for the Rest of Us (New Society Publishing) a factual account of life here at QuackaDoodle,  my blog site  QuackaDoodle.Wordpress.com and occassional posts on the Mother Earth News Site.

    My latest book The Foodlovers' Garden (New Society) is scheduled for release May 2017 and I was delighted to be able to illustrate this with thirty+ illustrations and forty digital images, all celebrating the wonders of homegrown food. Yum! And oh so colourful.

    The second edition of Gully Goes to Halifax flew into my life recently. The story remains mostly unchanged but this edition has twice the page size and all the illustrations are in full colour, so I'm delighted about that.

    I believe everyone is writer at heart because of course we all have things to say, ideas to share. This is one of the reasons why I particularly enjoy leading writing workshops for both children and adults but mostly, it's about the stories that get shared. Surely story is the thread that binds us all together while, equally importantly, poetry tends to magnify and perhaps suggest a new way of seeing both the mundane and the magical. 

    Please visit me at: Quackadoodle.wordpress.com for sporadic but ongoing news of life down here on the farm

     Jenni has been mentioned in "Our Choice Book List" and "Outstanding Canadian Children's Books" by the Children's Book Centre, Toronto. Her recent novel Island of Dead Souls came first in the Atlantic Writing competition YA category.



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