• Biography


    Allison is a freelance writer. Since 2003, she has worked from her home in Prospect. 

    While completing her graduate degree in journalism at Ryerson University, she spent a summer working as as a reporter for The Rural Voice, an agricultural magazine based in the farming community of Blyth, Ontario. There she travelled the countryside talking to farmers and hearing stories about the latest breed of cattle and amazing new varieties of corn and cauliflower. If she had the money then to buy a farm, she would have stayed.

    From Blyth, she moved on to work as a reporter at several daily newspapers in Ontario, including The Brantford Expositor and The Standard in St. Catharines. After landing a summer writing internship at The Globe and Mail in Toronto, she stayed for another two years writing and editing for the paper’s website.

    In 2003, she returned to Nova Scotia, the place she had fallen in love with as an English and Russian student at the University of King’s College a decade earlier.

    Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines. She has also written six non-fiction books.

    Her first book 250 Years of Progress: Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency was published by Nimbus in 2005. Her second book, Rum-Running was published by Nimbus in 2009. It was the first book in a series called Stories of Our Past.

    In 2015, The Roar of the Sea, a book ghostwritten by Allison, was published by Boulder Publications. Her book, "The Saddest Ship Afloat"- The Tragedy of the MS St. Louis was published by Nimbus in 2016. A Royal Couple in Canada was published by Boulder Publications in Summer 2017.

    Broken Pieces, a children's non-fiction book about the Halifax Explosion, appeared in bookstores just before Dec. 6, 2017, the 100th anniversary of the explosion.