• Biography

    Born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, I was raised in the Ottawa Valley and have lived most of my life in Nova Scotia, and am now an artist, award winning picture book illustrator, and author. I have had a strong visual orientation since a very young age, and a concern for social justice issues from a family involved in civil rights for the underprivileged. I was quite inventive, making things from scratch and found materials, and well grounded, spending a lot of time close to nature. Academically, I leaned toward the arts, and completed a high school program equivalent to second year art college. I was very interested in fine art, but joined a printing company as layout artist instead, and was soon general manager. From there I became resident artist for Canadian University Services Overseas before starting my own graphic design business which grew to become a full service communications design firm. Later I returned to drawing and painting, and began illustrating picture books.

    • Abigail's Wish. Written by Gloria Wesley, illustrated by Richard Rudnicki. NIMBUS PUBLISHING 2016

    • Cyrus Eaton: Champion for Peace. Words and pictures by Richard Rudnicki. NIMBUS PUBLISHING 2016

    • Making Contact! Marconi Goes Wireless. Written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Richard Rudnicki. TUNDRA PRESS, 2013. http://marconigoeswireless.blogspot.ca/



    • Tecumseh. Written by J. Laxer, illustrated by R. Rudnicki. GROUNDWOOD BOOKS, 2012. 



    • Gus the Tortoise Takes a Walk. Written by Erin Arsenault, illustrated by Richard Rudnicki. NIMBUS PUBLISHING, 2012. ISBN 978-1-55109-906-4

    • A Christmas Dollhouse. Written and illustrated by Richard Rudnicki. NIMBUS PUBLISHING, 2011. ISBN 978-1-55109-868-5

    • Viola Desmond Won’t Be Budged. By J. Nyasha Warner and R. Rudnicki. GROUNDWOOD, 2010.

    • I Spy a Bunny. Written by Judy Dudar and illustrated by Richard Rudnicki. NIMBUS, 2009

    • Gracie, the Public Gardens Duck. Written by Judith Meyrick and  illustrated by Richard Rudnicki. NIMBUS, 2007. 

    • Viola Desmond Won’t be Budged

      • nominated for the 2012 Shinning Willow Award
      • nominated for the 2012 Golden Oak Award
      • nominated for the Norma Fleck Award
    •   Gracie, the Public Gardens Duck

      • awarded 2007 Lillian Sheppard Award for Excellence in Illustration
      • nominated 2007 APMA Best Atlantic Published Book Award
      • received The Helen Creighton Folklore Society Award for story research
    •   I Spy a Bunny

      • nominated for the 2009 Mayor’s Award for excellence in Illustration