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    Magi Nams

    Magi Nams is an award-winning nature writer, aspiring novelist, and author and indie publisher of the travel memoir trilogy Cry of the Kiwi: A Family’s New Zealand Adventure. She holds a B.Sc. in zoology and an M.Sc. in plant ecology and has published scientific papers, written wildlife-related material for government agencies and conservation organizations, and published dozens of magazine articles in the children's nature magazine Ranger Rick. She has also published poetry and has broadcast personal essays on CBC Radio.

    Magi is a keen gardener, birder, hiker, traveller, and piano student. Check out her books and latest travel and outdoor adventures at maginams.ca. Magi lives in a 177-year-old farmhouse near Tatamagouche with her wildlife biologist husband.

    Books: Cry of the Kiwi trilogy: Once a Land of Birds, This Dark Sheltering Forest, Tang of the Tasman Sea  

      • Once a Land of Birds. 2015. ISBN 978-0-9937767-0-0.

        This Dark Sheltering Forest. 2015. ISBN 978-0-9937767-1-7

        Tang of the Tasman Sea. 2015. ISBN  978-0-9937767-2-4

    • Magazine
      • "Bubble Power." Ranger Rick. December, 2006.

      • "Neat Feet." Ranger Rick. April, 2006.

      • "Cool Snoozzzers." Ranger Rick. January, 2003.

      • "Go, Go in the Snow." Ranger Rick. December, 2002.

      • "Up on Marmot Mountain." Ranger Rick. May, 2002.

    • Radio
      • "The Flower Box." CBC Radio One First Person Singular (5 Mar 1998)

      • "Out of the Mouths of Boys." CBC Radio One Out Front (27 May 1998)

    • Book Contribution
      • "Charge of the Hole Brigade." Another Lost Whole Moose Catalogue, Lost Moose Publishing, Whitehorse, 1991, ISBN 0-9694612-0-8.

    • Scientific Papers
      • M.L.N. Nams and B. Freedman. 1987. "Ecology of heath communities dominated by Cassiope tetragona at Alexandra Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Canada." Holarctic Ecology 10:22-32.

      • M.L.N. Nams and B. Freedman. 1987. "Phenology and resource allocation in a high arctic evergreen dwarf shrub, Cassiope tetragona." Holarctic Ecology 10:128-136.

    • Trudy Farrand/John Strohm Magazine Writing Award for best writing for children in Ranger Rick magazine, 1994. Presented by the National Wildlife Federation.