• Biography

    Philip Moscovitch is a freelance writer, editor and broadcaster with a passion for telling stories and helping people and organizations communicate. He has written extensively for children, and writes for adults on a very wide range of topics, including mental health, sports, agriculture, food, politics, technology, and the arts. He has a particular interest in personal stories and in pieces that highlight the bonds that bring individuals together in communities. 

    For 14 years, Philip wrote the beloved Daisy Dreamer comic for Chickadee magazine. He is a regular contributor to Saltscapes, writing an oral history column in which older residents of Atlantic Canada tell their remarkable stories, and contributes frequently for Halifax Magazine. His writing has also appeared in numerous national publications including Reader's Digest, The Walrus and The Globe and Mail, and a number of his radio documentaries have aired nationally on CBC Radio.

    In addition, Philip is sought after as a writing workshop leader, and communications and marketing consultant and writer. Connect with him on Twitter @PhilMoscovitch.



    • Magazines

      Regional and national publications including Saltscapes (ongoing series in which Atlantic Canadian seniors share their remarkable stories), Halifax Magazine, The Walrus, Globe & Mail, Reader's Digest, Tablet, Canadian Screenwriter, and niche publications such as alumni and trade magazines.

    • Comics and Animation

      Chickadee: Daisy Dreamer comic scripts (May 2001-June 2015), plus short fiction for children. Daisy Dreamer is a beloved comic that ran for decades. I wrote it for longer than anyone else and brought in new characters and innovative twists.

      Ultimate Dinos: Time-travel adventure comic (with dinosaurs!) written for Royal Ontario Museum

      Poko: An episode of the popular animated TV show.

    • Radio

      CBC Radio One: Documentaries, essays, and interview segments broadcast regionally and nationally on shows including Information Morning, The Sunday Edition, Mainstreet, Maritime Noon, Atlantic Voices and In the Field.

    • Documentary 

      Writing and story editing for television documentaries and series, including Hannah's Story and Dogs With Jobs.

    • Short Fiction and Poetry

      Short stories for kids published in Chickadee and in the Nimbus anthology A Maritime Christmas.

      Poetry published in literary magazines and anthologies.