• Biography

    Martine Jacquot is a prolific writer who writes in French but can make presentations in either French or English. She has published 30 books so far (novels, poetry, short-stories, essays and novels for young readers).

    She has been invited to many literary events across Canada and abroad, namely to Lafayette's book festival during the 2nd World Acadian Congress in 1999, to Tunisia to attend a panel of women writers in 2000, the International Poetry Festival in Trois-Rivières, the Northrop Frye International Literary Festival and to the Paris Book Fair in 2004 and 2006.

    She did several reading tours: Tunisia in 2000, Russia and Cameroon in 2008, Morocco in 2010, Roumania in 2011, India in 2012.

    She holds several degrees: BA from La Sorbonne, Paris, 3 MA degrees from La Sorbonne, Acadia and Dalhousie, a BJ from the University of Kings College and a PHD from Dalhousie University. She has studied and lived in France, England, Switzerland and Canada.

    Past Vice President of the Association des Écrivains Acadiens, past president of the Conseil Culturel Acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse, she has been on many editorial committees, member of several juries, has received creation grants and travel grants both from the Canada Council for the arts and the NS Arts Council. She was thrice finalist for the Éloizes awards, once as a writer, and twice as a cultural journalist. She was shortlisted for the France-Acadie Award three times for Au Gré du Vent (2006), Le jardin d'herbes aromatiques (2006) and Le silence de la neige (2008). She won the Award Prix Européen de l'ADELF with a special mention 2007 for Au gré du vent. She has also been chosen on 2 occasions to advise beginning authors, once by the Talent Trust of NS, once by the Association des auteurs de l'Ontario. Some of her poems and short stories have been broadcast on SRC. One of her stories was staged in Ottawa at the Théâtre Trillium. She is a member of the Board of Governors of the NS Museum and an author in residence with the ArtsInfusion program.

    Her articles and interviews have appeared in LittéRéalité, Ancrage, Arcade, Alpha Arts magazine, Eloizes, Femmes d'Action, The Fiddlehead, Liason, Studies in Canadian Literature, Vent'd'est, Waves, Ashtarowt and Al Quds, among others. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Concerto pour huit voix, La Diversité: 15 nouvelles francophones á travers le monde, Ecphore Anthology 1987, Eloizes, Les Elytres du Hanneton, Herspectives, Liaison, Lieux d'être, Littéréalité, Les Maritimes, Mensuel, 25 Offerta Speziale, Poetry Halifax-Dartmouth, The Pottersfield Portfolio, Reflets Maritimes 2, Voices and Echoes: Stories and Poems of Women's Spirituality, Walk through Paradise, La Poésie acadienne and Pour l'Amour de toi, among others. Her work is being translated into English, Russian, Portugese, Italian and Arabic.



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    • Translations
      • Dans les bois (French version of In the woods by Pamela Hickman) 64p, Éditions du Carré Saint-Louis, Montréal, 1998. ISBN 978-0887804540.

      • L'homme qui avait volé les couleurs de la vie, (French version of The man who stole the colours of life by W. Fraser Sandercombe), 58p, Éditions du Grand Pré, Wolfville, 1991. ISBN 0-921915-16-0

    • Collaborations
      • Pour Haïti, Martinique (France): Éditions Desnel. ISBN 987-2-915247-29-9.

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    • Finalist, Prix France-Acadie 2008, Le silence de la neige

    • Finalist, SRC award 2008 (La couleur du désir)

    • Finalist, prix Éloize as best cultural journalist 2007

    • Prix Européen de l'ADELF 2007 (Au gré du vent)

    • Finalist, prix France-Acadie 2006 (Au gré du vent)

    • Finalist, prix France-Acadie 2006 (Le Jardin d'herbes aromatiques)

    • Prix de la nouvelle, story staged in Ottawa (théâtre Trillium) 2001

    • Finalist, FCCF recognition award 2001

    • Finalist, prix Éloizes 2000 as best cultural journalist

    • Finalist, prix Éloizes 1999 as best writer 1999

    • Honorable mention, prix Grand-Pré, 1995

    • Honorable mention, prix Dr. René J. Fournier, 1992

    • Short story Liaison award, 1992

    • Prix de la Présidente, Société Culturelle du Haut Saint-Jean, 1990, Les nuits démasquées

    • Short story Liaison award, 1989

    • Finalist, international short-story contest, Agence de Coopération Culturelle et Technique, Paris, 1988

    • Honorable mention, Writers' Federation of NS award, 1986