The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia has three core communications priorities: communications with members, communications on behalf of / in the interests of members, and communications with the diverse markets for Nova Scotia writers and writing. These communications priorities are provided through a range of approaches, including: the bi-weekly e-newsletter, SubText; and a comprehensive social media communications strategy with its regional and national profile-raising channels.


The biweekly member e-bulletin SubText communicates time-sensitive information such as event listings, workshops, and other announcements from the WFNS, individual members, and the broader writing and publishing community. SubText includes a "Member News" section that provides a space for WFNS members to share news about new periodical publications, awards received, and other notable achievements.

Social Media

The WFNS Facebook Page ( currently is used primarily for outreach rather than member engagement, with a focus on promoting WFNS programming and for sharing WFNS member events.

WFNS also shares programming and member events via Twitter (@WFNS). The WFNS Twitter account has over 2,300 followers, which includes many organizations and individuals of Canada’s writing and publishing sectors. Sharing member news to WFNS Twitter followers helps raise the profile of Nova Scotia writers and writing far afield.