Some activities that the WFNS carries out would not be possible without the support of volunteers. Throughout the year, we require help to facilitate readings and events, to help with general office duties and to assist with outreach. The mandate of the WFNS Volunteer Program is to engage volunteers and create community amongst writers of all levels. Volunteers allow the WFNS to put on events and run programs that would not otherwise be possible.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email 


The volunteer benefits at WFNS works on a credit system. Volunteer roles will be assessed for their time commitment and whether special skills are needed. Most of the time, a volunteer will know how many credits a given position will be worth before the position begins. Please note that the credits may be adjusted up or down depending on the intensity and length of the volunteer commitment. Volunteers may also earn additional credits from repeat volunteerism and helpfulness.

Credits can be saved and redeemed for various discounts on membership and workshops. Credits can also be donated towards subsidizing a membership for someone else, or be added to a pool to assist people with low incomes. Volunteers may also choose not to earn credits.

In the interest of letting WFNS staff track how many credits are outstanding, please let us know if you intend to use them.


2 credits = entrance into a professional development session of 2 hours or less**
4 credits = ½ price voucher towards a one-year WFNS membership*
8 credits = Voucher for free one-year WFNS membership.*
16 credits = ½ price voucher for a WFNS-facilitated workshop.**
32 credits = Voucher for a free WFNS-facilitated workshop.**

* Please note that it is the responsibility of volunteers to contact the WFNS to tell us they would like to use a voucher towards membership. Membership will not be automatically renewed.

** Please note that workshop and professional development registration is first-come, first-served. WFNS reserves the right to limit the number of voucher spots available in any given workshop or session. When you see a workshop or session that you would like to attend using your voucher, email If there is a voucher slot available, you will be told the remaining cost (if any) for that programming.


Membership must be current in order to use workshop credits. In addition, there is a six month membership renewal grace period before credits will be lost. If a member had credits and did not renew in January, no credits would be lost. If the member still had not renewed by July 1, credits would reset to 0.  There may be special circumstances where this may be waived, but that will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This policy is in place to prevent a large number of credits sitting on our books, as they do count as an “expense.”